Want showroom quality exterior auto detailing without even leaving the comfort of your home?

Our exterior detailing process is so much more than just a car wash. We strive to offer a complete top to bottom, bumper to bumper cleaning experience that will restore your vehicle to showroom quality. The best part? We'll come right to you, whether at work or at home. It's that easy.

We know how much owners love their vehicle. It’s one of your most important purchases you’ll make and we know you care about keeping it in the best shape you can. The exterior of your car, truck or SUV is shown off to the world for everybody to see each time you drive.

But the roads bring big problems to the exterior of your vehicle. Road debris, construction areas, loose rocks and gravel as well as road salt in the winter are just a few of the hazards that danger your vehicle’s well being.

Our highly trained auto detailing experts have years of experience and a huge passion for getting your vehicle’s exterior looking like it was just driven off the lot for the first time. 

Our Service Areas

We're located in Hamilton, Ontario but will travel about an hour away to come to you for your auto detailing needs. If you aren’t sure if we’ll come out to your area, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and just ask! We’ll be happy to answer any other questions you might have.

Exterior Auto Detailing Services

We’ll remove all dirt, residue and stains from your vehicle renewing the exterior’s luster while helping maintain its appearance for years to come. All our work is hand done including the wash and wax. We can even apply a sealant to help protect it even further.

In addition to the outside body and windows, we'll thoroughly clean and polish your rims and wheels and have them shinning as bright as possible.

We're meticulous with the attention to detail and for the care we provide. We know handing your vehicle over to somebody else to perform any work is a big deal, and one we take very seriously. We'll be sure to treat your vehicle like it was one of our own.

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Some Photos Of Completed Exterior Auto Detailing Jobs

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Our Service Locations

We're located in Hamilton, Ontario but will travel roughly 1 hour to the location of your choice.

We've created some specific pages for some of our most popular cities we come to, but please contact us even if you don't see your city listed. As long as it is roughly 1 hour away from Hamilton, we'll come and detail your car, no sweat!

Our Auto Detailing Packages

Pricing is subject to change without prior notice.
Prices listed do not include HST.

  • Interior Detailing
  • Car: $120
    SUV/Truck: $140
  • Extensive vacuum of interior and trunk
  • Thoroughly clean all types of seats, carpets and mats
  • Clean and polish the interior windows and mirrors
  • All surface areas including vinyl, leather and plastic cleaned, conditioned and shined
  • Meticulously clean door and trunk jambs as well as weather stripping
  • Exterior Detailing
  • Car: $120
    SUV/Truck: $140
  • Hand Wash & Wax
  • All painted surfaces cleaned with removal of all road grime
  • Polish & clean all exterior windows
  • Hand clean and full detailing of rims, wheel wells, and tires with shine
  • All plastic and vinyl trim cleaned and conditioned
  • Interior & Exterior Bundle
  • Car: $220
    SUV/Truck: $260
  • Includes all features of interior & exterior detailing as well as the following add ons
  • Headlight Cleaning
  • Sealant Protection
  • Add Ons
  • Pet Hair Removal: Starting at $25
  • Headlight Cleaning: $20
  • Rim Cleaning: $30
  • Stain Removal: Starting at $25
  • Sealant Protection: $30

Ready to have your vehicle looking better than ever?

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